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Toilet Paper For Your Birthday


Happy Birthday to me!



A summer birthday can be glorious- you don't have to do that whole school birthday bit... you don't even have to BE in school on your big day... BUT you might not EVER be home on your birthday!

What to do for that summer birthday child? WHY... celebrate with TOILET PAPER STREAMERS, of course!





This was BIG TIME! I had MANY birthdays up at camp and people would walk from moo

miles away to see my lovely decorated picnic table area. They spared NO EXPENSE on MY decorations! Sometimes they even got the PINK kind.

Seriously, it was a pretty nice way to celebrate and I don't think I ever felt cheated when it came to birthdays.

(Oh sure.. on Christmas, Halloween, New Year's, Labor Day, Easter- hmmm maybe not Easter, but all the others and DEFINITELY NOT ON BIRTHDAYS)






Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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