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You ARE a mugwump.

Geo-What, you say...


As you know, there's a story here somewhere-

Pat, the northwesterner, was visiting the east coast for Thanksgiving. She had heard of this new thing- the best parts of the great outdoors and the great indoors... uhhhhh... the great reaches of outer... er... cyberspace - called geocaching!

We all (sister 1 and sister 2, sister 2's husband, 3 kids and a friend, sister 3 (not to be confused with sisters3) NEEDED to do this. We NEEDED to see how much fun it was... had she ever done it. NO OF COURSE NOT... NOT YET, anyway.

yeah- a laptop in the woods... OK???
Yeah, we know... a laptop in the woods!!!

So. We gathered our GPS- oh wait WE DIDN'T HAVE A GPS (it would be years before the general public ever heard of a GPS)... could we do it anyway??? SURE---- sister 1 had a computer with a GPS in it.

SO- off we go traipsing through the woods CARRYING A LAPTOP COMPUTER!

You don't believe it????? Read on, Gunga Din.

That day, we found our VERY FIRST CACHE EVER- Cache of a Suburban Princess.
We then tried a second cache, but failed to find it.

The next day (without the crowd... even though there is a wisdom of crowds as defined in wikipedia ((if you can believe wikipedia these days)): The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations...)

Now- we didn't need to worry about how to shape business, society or any of that nonsense, so (and I repeat) without the crowd we returned IN THE POURING RAIN to that same unfound cache and this time, WITH the help of a REAL GPS- thanks Pat for forcing that upon me, we found it... and then hurried along to ShopRite. (OK... when you hear the phrase "hurry along" WHOM do you think of?)- sorry about the preposition at the end of the sentence- Of whom do you think sounded so pompous.

Look Ma, I found a cache, AND my ears are warm!!!
It's been downhill ever since.... geocaching whenever possible. If you've never done it... why not check it out! Someone else will have to tell more of the story- the old "Lunch Out With Mud in Your Ear" story is a good one...

The Official GeoCaching site can be found at: http://www.geocaching.com and thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet and releasing the satellites that make geocaching possible!







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