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Do you know what a mugwump is?

Some of Our Stories

The stories in Red are available now, the others are coming soon!!! These stories are ALL 100% TRUE! (although some of the details may be fudged... it's been a long time since most of this happened).


The Very First Geocache
Toilet Paper For Your Birthday
A Story Request from a friend!! Plug-a-Jug ~ AKA OK, I AM an Idiot!
What Were You Afraid Of ... ?
The LOUDEST Things in Church

Ma and the Chipmunk
The Bus Ride ~ AKA: The Goldfish
Just some camp pix (still being developed)
Lunch Out With Mud in Your Ear
Doing the Dishes... Alone
Newt Racing
Not While You're Living Under MY Roof! ~ AKA: A Perfectly Good Airplane
The List Changer
True METS Fans
The Good Old Latrine ~ Ka-Plush!
Rock-a-Baby: AKA The Baby Sitters or Look, Patty Bit Me
The Last, Best Ornament on the Tree
Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the Bottle Opener
How Strong IS a Phone Book?
The Monkey and the Peacock Feather
Heifer Riding and Poop Diving
The Bloody 13th Birthday ~ I'd Put an Eye Out Because of... er.. For You!
I WANT to Hold a Kitty- PLUH-EEZE Get Me Out of Here
Thoughts to Ponder
(still under development)
The Middle Child Underlying Theme...
The New Swingset
A Bird in the Hand
Let's Go Sledding! - Don't Leave the Sled Behind!
Squirrel in a Crab Trap

Various FOOD Related Stories

So.. Who Knew? The story of some funky food
Hoisting of the Food Bucket
Creamed Corn and Shrimp in My Bologna
Thanksgiving Turkey Neck Chase
The "Secret" Oreo Cookies
Easy Bake Caramels
Day Old Cinnamon Buns and the Swans
Hoisting of the Food Bucket
Puke for Dinner







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