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I WANT to Hold a Kitty- PLUH-EEZE Get Me
Out of Here!

The photo really says it all... the story of a tormented younger sister (not YET a middle child).


The tormented, younger sister is forced to sit in a baby carriage at Uncle Hank's Farm (for reasons you may understand after reading 'Heifer Ridging and Poop Diving') as the wicked older sister holds SEVERAL kitties on her lap. The younger, tormented sister pleads to get out of the carriage- if only for a short moment so she can hold the kitties... even ONE kitty.


The wicked older sister complies. FINE. You want out of the carriage, baby?
Here you go! BUT...




Small child IN, large child OUT- Kitties OUT Small child OUT, large child IN, Kitties IN
It's hell being a middle child, even when you are NOT YET IN THE MIDDLE~!
It was destiny!


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