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Rock-a-Baby: AKA The Baby Sitters or
Look, Patty Bit Me


In case you weren't aware, the Sisters 3 are all five years apart, give or take a month... so when Patty was 10 and Nancy was 5, our dear little MaryBeth or MB was born! Mom and Dad were not huge socializers, but one afternoon they decided to go 5 or 6 houses away to visit our "camping buddies" Grace and Rod Hilperts for a half hour or so.

Patty was in charge... I was nothing- I mean I was FIVE what could I possibly do, and MB was sleeping in her "downstairs crib" that was quickly put together to make watching baby easier. All we had to do was stay out of trouble. DON'T wake the baby, DON'T fight, DON'T do anything. But she was SOOOOOOOO cute... and SOOOOOOOO tiny... Mom and Dad left and there we stood looking into the crib praying MB would wake up.

Maybe if we talked REALLY LOUD... nope. Maybe if we STOMPED around the dining room... nope... oooooooooh maybe we should just rock the crib a little... jostle it back and forth a bit... a bit harder... darn it, this baby was a sleeper! One more shake shake shake of the crib and BOOM... one end of the bottom of the crib falls out, the mattress slips down and so does MB... NOW SHE'S AWAKE... welp- Patty's in charge...

What do we do? MB's on the floor, the mattress is on the floor... we'll put it back together and no one will know... <evil grin> Patty's in charge and I'M GONNA RAT HER OUT!


this story is still under construction- i have to try and remember why i bit myself. tune in soon...









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