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Lunch Out With Mud in Your Ear


So. I guess this particular story is related to our early geocaching craze. It was all jammed into a few days when Pat was visiting the east coast in an effort to clean up/distribute our family heirlooms.

The three of us needed a break, so we decided to go find some caches.

I believe we were in Demarest near a Nature Center of some kind. Some WET woodsy place in the middle of nowhere.

We were traipsing along (as we usually did) and searching for a cache. I have just scoured the archives trying to find information about it, but alas... 'tis forgotten!

Anyway... back to the traipse - After finding the general location, we fanned out in hopes of spotting it... and I in my clodhoppers (boatshoes) mucking along manage to get my left toe lodged under a log, then with my right foot, step on said log, then in my infinite wisdom try to continue to walk not realizing that my left foot is firmly trapped under said log... and then ... picture the statue of liberty slowly falling into a swamp with lady liberty valiantly holding the flame aloft until KA-PLUSH... swamp bait.

I slowly fell to the mush below but could NOT let the brand new GPS device fall into the mud... so I held it up and my entire right side hit the mud. Up my nose, in my ear, all down my leg - just delightful!

The rest of the story is sketchy. I don't think we ever found it because I can find no record of the find (or a DNF for that matter)... I know there are photos somehwere - they'll go up if I ever find them... and I imagine we went out to lunch somewhere with mud in my ear and down my leg and in my arm pit - geesh.. it's hell getting old.


SO... I may be old and forgetful and clumsy... but I am like a dog with a bone if I need to find something (except for a geocache in a mudfarm)

I believe I had picked the mud out of my nose and off of my face by this time but it remained in my ear until I noticed it at whatever restaurant we went to lunch



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