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The Bloody Thirteenth Birthday
AKA- I'd Put Out My Eye For You!


Most people believe that being the middle child has a huge impact on one's general mental growth and development. I don't know if it's true, but I sure do like to pretend it is! (I need to blame someone, somewhere).

So.. the BIG DAY arrives for the first born... teenagerdom. Back in the day, we didn't have gigantic parties for getting older... I mean ... we celebrated MY birthdays with TOILET PAPER for decorations, so I guess we didn't tend to go overboard on partying. Think about it- it's not like you actually accomplished something- the Earth just kept turning, the calendar just kept rolling along and you happened to still be living... so what's the big deal, right? So when Pat was turning 13, there was to be a fine party in our home.

Now, I'm SURE I didn't do this to be the mean, deceiving, scheming, untrustworthy, cunning, lying, devious, calculating, conniving, conspiratorial, treacherous, underhanded, wily, tricky younger sister, the one smack-dab in the middle... I did it out of pure excitement! MY BIG SISTER WAS TURNING 13!!!

The preparations were in full gear- I was 8 and desperately trying to help. Running from the kitchen to the living room... seeing what I could carry, scotch tape up on the mirror or sneak a taste of... I was eager, enthusiastic, thrilled, animated, motivated and THEN THE OTHER SHOE DROPPED. I was NOT invited. I was NOT to be in attendance. I ran to the from the living room to the kitchen to complain and slipped going around the maple bookcase opposite the cuckoo clock... BAM- my head hit the edge of the bookcase- split open by my eye and blood was everywhere! I was screaming, the blood was flowing, the doorbell was ringing... and the guest were arriving... BUT I NEEDED TO GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!

If I wasn't invited, I may as well be OUT OF TOWN! I have NO IDEA how the party went. I don't know which one of my parents took me. Hey I was the middle child, maybe they called a cab for me hahahahah.



I swear it was an accident and I still bear the scar today. (Look where the arrow points, the other lines are just wrinkles)
I missed my eye by a fraction of an inch. I could have put my eye out and it would have been ALL MY SISTER'S FAULT hahhahha.

AHHHHHH she knows I love her. I don't know if she knew it then, but she knows it now- I hope.

Footnote from the OLDER, always at fault child: Yeah, I know she loves me!!!!  I think I even realized she loved me back then. I'm just surprised she didn't bite herself that day and say "Patty bit me!!!!" and show the teeth marks ALONG with the blood.

Now it seems GREAT that there was a middle child!!!!!  She remembers all of the stories... and I think she's telling them the way they happend...



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