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The List Changer


As a middle child, it is one's DUTY to bug the crap out of everyone older and/or younger than you! So let it be written. So let it be done.

I was truly an ACE at being the middle child. This is a short story, but I truly excelled at bugging the crap out of my older sister- here's the tale.

Every Saturday, we had chores. We weren't slaves or anything, but we had different things that needed to be accomplished before we could go out and play. These chores usually included dusting, vacuuming, scouring the bathroom, emptying the dish drainer, cleaning our OWN rooms- just simple, age appropriate, easy to do jobs that would teach us that there's no such thing as a free ride in life.

As the middle PITA, I was bound and determined to disprove this!

Our jobs were written on little slips of paper with our names neatly printed at the top. They were left out on the kitchen table so you could get right to work when you felt like it...

One Saturday, the lists were written in pencil. <evil grin> I snuck over to the lists and erased the "NAN" heading and changed it (in my BEST "ma" handwriting) to read PAT. This meant that PAT had TWO LISTS!!! I slunk away to watch some television and wait for the eruption that was my sister!

She went ballistic! WHY did she have TWO lists??? What did Nancy do that got her out of our jobs? How could things be THAT UNFAIR! On and on and on...

I'm sure I got some horrid punishment, but the joy in those few seconds made it worth it! It was like the feeling you get as the rollercoaster slowly chugs up, up, up to the top... your car glides over the top and then the THRILL of the PLUMMET hits you... and then the ride is over. It's quick... and then the thrill is gone, but IT'S SO GREAT FOR THOSE FEW SECONDS!


YEARS later, my mother presented me with the original list- with the "erased NAN" and the forged PAT... this only proves one thing.


My mother thought it was HYSTERICAL!


I will search for the list... I know it's here somewhere! Come back and have a look see when you're feeling cranky. I will post it here. It will make you smile.



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