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The "Secret" Oreo Cookies

When you were a kid did you ever eat an Oreo Cookie... know how gooooooood they taste? All that great cream in the middle, not to mention the chocolate cookie outside! And you know, when you're a kid, they get to tell you just how many you can have. Well, there were times that you just HAVE to have another cookie. This is about one of those time.

It was almost time for bed... everyone was in the living room watching TV. I had on my wonderful fluffy robe with the BIG pockets! For some reason, the bag of Oreo Cookies had been calling to me from the kitchen all night. That was it... I couldn't stand it any longer. It was almost time to go to bed so I thought I'd sneak into the kitchen and quickly grab some cookies and stash them in my pocket. So I - being the WONDERFUL older child, and ALWAYS thinking of the middle child that I shared a room with - grabbed two cookies. One for her, one for me, and back out to the living room I went where we told... "OK, time for bed". Great! My plan was working, it wouldn't be long now before we could enjoy an Oreo that would taste all the better because it was a "Secret Oreo".

Up the stairs we went with our Mom close behind to make sure we got into bed. So, we get into our room and I break the news to my sister. She seemed thrilled! I stashed mine under the pillow for now because you never know when Mom will peek in to make sure we're settled in. I figured I'd wait just a little longer before enjoying my prize. But then, to my horror... it happened!!! The small figure in the bed next to me, yelled in a booming voice... "Ma... Patty has Oreo Cookies under her pillow!!!" WHAT? WHAT'S THAT YOU JUST SAID???? It was too late, the damage was done, the door opened and there was my mother standing there! I had to give up my prize! But then I said "She has one too!", but no... she didn't have one under HER pillow, she was a good girl, the perfect child, the crafty middle child, the kid with the Oreo Cookies sticking to her teeth through that big happy grin.

I should have taken some lessons from that kid... she was good!!!!



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