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So Who Knew?


Growing up, you figure that what you experience in your home is what EVERYONE experienced - right? So who knew the gourmet dishes we were served up were NOT in any recipe book on earth hahahah... Ma - what were you thinking?

Here are a few of the things we ate - and thought the rest of the world ate too-


Corn Fritters for dinner... OK - LOTS of people ate corn fritters, right... yeah.. but ours were just regular old pancakes with some corn thrown into the batter - and we at them with KETCHUP! (or catsup... depending on the brand)

YOU DO THE MATH - You never put ketchup on pancakes- you never put ketchup on corn... but put the corn in the pancake and OF COURSE YOU PUT KETCHUP ON IT! Ma put ketchup on EVERYTHING!


Stuffed Peppers... Again... LOTS of people ate stuffed peppers... but what the heck were yours stuffed with?!?!? Ours were ham, corn and onions... I AM NOT KIDDING hahahaha... it's actually very tasty.. but geeze... it's embarrassing seeing that other thing called stuffed peppers and being totally stumped by it... at age 25~! (oh. no ketchup)


Cheeze Dreams... lol... burnt Velveta on Wonder Bread... yes the cheese HAD to be burnt... lightly.


Ribs - Loved em.. but NEVER knew people put barbecue sauce on them... our ribs were made with soy sauce and garlic. Always.


Tuna Burgers - wow.. like being in Paris or something! So gourmet... so fabulous. Make the tuna w/ mayo and then fry it. That's it.. that's all it is... ew. (and when we ran out of mayo for the tuna.. you made it with- you guessed it... KETCHUP!)


Coffalotta - Now this was a "Pat Special"... she invented the latte in America long before they thought of serving it... she would boil the water, put a teaspoonful of instant coffee in a tall glass, pour enough boiling water in the glass to make it "just a little more watery than paste" and finish off with sugar and milk.... lotttttta milk. THIS JUST IN -- the "express version"... three spoonfuls of Daddy's coffee - finish as usual.


Just one pea (or lima bean or any other hated veggie) There were not many veggies that I didn't like... but peas, carrots lima beans were at the very bottom of the list- and I guess I've eaten about 34 of each.


Friday Fish - Every Friday - some kind of fish. Loved the swordfish - Pat didn't... Didn't like the other fish... probably had bread and water heh.


Make it easy on yourself... we'll have COLD SUPPER. Little did Daddy know, Ma had to cook for HOURS so we could have Cold Supper - potato salad, macaroni salad, pickled beets, deviled eggs, cold asparagus maybe cold cuts.


I was such the gournet that I was often eating MY bread and water at the dining room table ALONE while the rest of the family ate the "real dinner" at the kitchen table. Why bread and water- ALONE, you say? Well.. they were eating what I so indiscriminately likened to PUKE! Usually was pea soup or lentil soup (with hotdogs? another rarity... and they didn't taste good if you washed off the puke and just ate the hotdogs... oops... back in the dining room) or one of the many other bean/leftover meat soups that popped up once a week. The dining room table was nice- ALONE. I also often ate white rice with soy sauce. That was MY version of Chinese food.


There were lots of odd camp foods too - we'll have to think this through... there must be more!


Camp Foods

Chef-Boy-R-Dee spaghetti and meatballs sandwich on white bread - yum

Roast Mickies

Wednesday was steak night... always a hit!

Rock Soup (a whole OTHER camp story)

Blueberry Pancakes... hunt for HOURS for blueberries... pick TONS... eat.. NONE- HATED THEM! ... it's all in the hunt! I enjoyed the chance of running into a snake!




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