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The Middle Child Underlying Theme...

There is a reason the story is placed at the bottom of the list. It's because by now, you may have noticed the underlying theme of the "middle child". It's very subtle, but it is there. I guess you could call it a defense mechanism, a way to cope with the trials and tribulations of being in the middle. Ah yes, when confronted by trouble, when she was going to be blamed for misbehaving... it can't happen, wait... wait.. there IS a way out... and BAM. She would bite her arm leaving teeth marks and yell... "Patty bit me!!!" Sad thing is, this would work! Why wasn't there forensic pathology back in those days!?. "Those are not my teeth marks... call in the forensic odontologist!!". (Forensic Pathology - Bite Marks)

But now, this story proves the middle child did not discriminate between man or beast. There was a day when my mother was at the kitchen table, busy with something (bills I think) that was taking a lot of concentration. We were in the Almost Tassyhouse, each doing our own thing but in close proximity. Nancy was playing with our extremely mild mannered dog called Tassy (short for catastrophe). I don't know how but she actually got the dog to nip at her. Wait... hmmmmm... maybe I DO understand... but I digress. Here this loving, "never hurt a fly" dog bites my sister. No blood was drawn and the dog felt AWFUL (we had a long talk after the incident. Had to explain to Tassy that I understood)

So, into the kitchen she runs crying, arm out stretched, yelling "Tassy bit me". Was kind of good to hear. Another name in place of mine... what would be said... would we look carefully at those marks? Would we blame the dog? Well, actually, my mother was deep into something and didn't have time right then to deal with this. There was no blood flowing, Nancy was able to walk and talk so she tells her... "Oh, just go bite her back". So being the obedient child that she ALWAYS was, into the livingroom she marched. A minute later we heard the "yelp heard round the world" We all went running into the livingroom and there she sits. When asked "What did you do?" She calming says "YOU TOLD ME TO BITE HER BACK!!!" She had walked in, picked up that cute little floppy ear and took a bite.

Tassy sat there just looking at us all while my mother and I stood there looking on in horror. My mother saying "I didn't really mean you should bite her!!!"... My sister saying "BUT YOU SAID!!" and me left there thinking...

BITE HER BACK!! Why was that never an option for ME!!!!

Ya gotta love the middle child!!


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