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Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Bottle Opener


I was always a bright child... well ok, so maybe not so bright, but when it was a sure thing, I liked to try to shine.

We were not a terribly religious family. We went to church every Sunday; no meat on Fridays; if you forgot your hat, you did NOT get to stay in the car- Ma would bobbypin a tissue to your head; confession (now don't get me started on that one) at LEAST once a month; Sunday school beginning in first grade and laughing in church was HIGHLY frowned upon... just your average religious level for the time.

So- off I go to my first time in Sunday school- trying OH SO HARD to pay attention and learn something. Fold your hands on your desk, stand up when the nun speaks to you, stand up when the priest comes in to the classroom, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sometime later in the week while ma was on the phone and our dear little baby sister, MB was crawling around she discovered something fabulous.. something wonderful... something DANGEROUS.... a bottle opener.

Being the darling baby that she was... she picked up the bottle opener and promptly stuck it in her mouth gumming it as she crawled from room to room. Ma was talking and walking around with the old green phone cord all in a tizzy when she spots MB. She drops the phone, runs towards MB and shouts, "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" ... WHAT??? MY TIME TO SHINE????? I KNOW THIS... I'VE LEARNED IT SOMEWHERE... I look adoringly at my mother who is flying in slow motion towards my baby sister who got ALL the attention and say...




I guess you had to be there.


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